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The Diverse Uses Of Tea Tree Oil For Candida

July 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in HEALTH & FITNESS

Some of us, depending on the locale and environmental conditions will be prone to infection sometimes from our surroundings. When we use a lot of antibiotics our natural balance of healthy bacteria can be affected wherein yeast grows out of control on our skin. This article shows how one can use tea tree oil for candida.

Candida is another name basically for fungus infections. They can come in many forms such as jock itch, nail and yeast infections, itchy rashes and also thrush. Many topical and manufactured creams are available in your local pharmacy, though there are also alternatives. Going for a more natural approach such as the use of natural anti-fungal and anti-viral agents such as tea tree oil may in fact be just as effective.

A very common form of candida infection is athletes foot. Being in a tropical or humid climate and also having closed shoes with moist feet most of the time can compound the situation. The affected areas are treated by dabbing cotton on it dipped in the oil. A daily foot massage using the oil is also highly recommended.

Vaginal yeast infection is something that women contend with and are embarrassed of. However, this can easily be cured by mixing one part of oil with twenty parts of clean water wherein the solution is used to dampen a tampon. The tampon is worn overnight and the procedure is repeated until there is an improvement in symptoms subsiding.

Nail fungus is a form of candida that can be quite difficult to treat sometimes. Mild cases can be answered by an application of the oil to areas three to four times a day. This is most effective if applied especially around the cuticle area and areas under the nails.

Some nail infections can be quite stubborn however, and you may need to do a nail soak instead. A nail soak solution can be created my mixing one part of oil to five parts of water. Soak the infected nails in the solution for up to ten minutes each day and use a clean and dry towel to dry them off afterwards.

Tea tree oil for candida is definitely a remedy that one should try at home. By going natural, you will be helping your body a lot in maintaining its balance and health. Always look for natural and herbal solutions to common ailments before going out and buying manufacture medicines. Not only will this save you a trip to the pharmacy, but it can also save you lots of dollars in terms of expensive consultation for a very common problem.

A natural treatment for thrush is chosen by many people, rather than taking prescription medications. A wide variety of natural skin care products is available online.

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