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By Properly Preparing For Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery The Chances Of Success Are Much Higher

February 20, 2017 | Author: | Posted in HEALTH & FITNESS

World wide, millions of people carry too much body fat and are officially classified as overweight. The World Health Organization has warned that obesity is fast becoming the number one health risk. Overweight people are vulnerable against a large number of potentially dangerous medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, fallen arches, hypertension and even some types of cancer. It is no wonder that surgeons in New York are helping many patients in preparing for bariatric weight loss surgery.

Surgeons are reluctant to undertake this type of procedure without thoroughly evaluating the patient. In most cases the patient has to make drastic life style changes and procedures are therefore often scheduled for some months ahead. During this preparation period the surgeon will evaluate the progress of the patient and may even postpone the procedure are even refuse to go ahead if the patient do not comply with the strict criteria.

The majority of patients find the psychological preparation the most challenging. They have to make significant life style choices and they must be determined to keep to those choices and resolution for the rest of their lives. They have to understand that a surgical procedure can do no more than give them a chance to change their lives. It is not a miracle cure that will make overweight problems disappear.

Surgeons will not even consider taking on patients that have used nicotine products during the past six months. Smokers are more likely to develop blood clots during and after the operation and this can cause very severe complications. Potential patients therefore have to stop smoking at once. They are also required to forego alcohol, which can cause severe fluctuations in the blood sugar levels.

Patients are also required to make immediate changes to their diets and they should strive to lose body fat even prior to the operation. They are advised to include protein at every meal and to refrain from drinking any liquids with a meal. Many surgeons will prescribe a very specific diet that is based on the medical history of the patient but it would normally limit sugar intake.

Exercise is also of vital importance. Low impact exercises such as swimming, walking or cycling can work wonders in improving flexibility and muscle tone. This will help during and after surgery. Taking on philosophies such as yoga is also encouraged. It helps to improve mental discipline and it most certainly helps the patient to become accustomed to a more balanced life style.

It is also necessary to prepare for the period following the surgical procedure. Patients can expect to experience discomfort for a few weeks and they will be bruised. It is vital to follow the instructions of the surgeon to the letter. For a while, it will be necessary to stick to liquid foods. Some patients may find it difficult to move around during the first two weeks after the operation.

Many overweight people are desperate to lose excess body fat, often spending small fortunes on products and program. A surgical intervention is certainly a dramatic decision and should not be undertaken lightly. Those that followed the program and motivated themselves, however, often find themselves facing a bright new life.

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