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How Atlanta Interactive Marketing Has Changed Advertising

January 20, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Article Marketing

You might be wondering what the term interactive marketing means. Put simply, it means there is some sort of interaction or conversation between the marketer and the consumer. For the cutting edge of conversational advertising the city of Atlanta has been dubbed the marketing capital of the world. Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, AIMA.

An organization of marketing professionals and advertising companies, the AIMA is a membership association run by volunteers. It is a place where members of this profession can come together, network and share new ideas. Professionals work as a team to keep their skills effective and relevant.

The AIMA has something they call SIGs, special interest groups. They have meetings throughout the year to brainstorm about the opportunities to market in eight different areas: email, social media, mobile, marketing automation, digital divas, analytics, digital media and ecommerce. AIMA also has a blog, an awards ceremony and educational seminars.

The company that produces goods or provides the services and the marketing company function as one entity. Through an advertisement, the company attempts to arouse the interest of the consumer, acquire likes or dislikes of the consumer, and then personalize the next ad or email so that is relates to that consumer. Advertising becomes a sort of two way dialogue.

The Internet is the driving force behind this two way conversation. It provides a window into the thoughts of the potential buyers. Before Internet technology there was no easy way for sellers to communicate with buyers. Surveys were expensive and the response rate very low. This two way communication will only get more sophisticated.

Other than the Internet, there are other ways to get feedback from the consumer that are low tech and arguably less effective. When a customer reaches out to a company with a request or comment, the company representative will attempt to get some information from the consumer and provide some information about new services. Toll free phone numbers given through broadcasts are another way to establish dialogue. Neither one of these ways works as seamlessly as the Internet.

In the time before TV remotes, personal computers and smart phones, the prominent ways to advertise were television ads, radio ads and print ads in newspapers and magazines. With the ubiquitous use of pay TV, online news and pay radio the old ways became less effective. Advertising people are resourceful by nature. They understood the changes in consumer behavior and adapted to accommodate those changes. The new interactive methods reach out to the consumer of today.

Benjamin W. Luffkin has been a Marketing executive for over 10 years. He is really passionate about all the new and exciting opportunities that are now available for companies to brand and market themselves across the internet. To learn more about Atlanta automotive search engine marketing he suggests you click here to learn more.

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